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Academic: HINABU CONSULTORES experts have extensive academic training, and hold teaching and research positions in different universities in Colombia and abroad.

As consultants: HINABU CONSULTORES partners gather experience developed on topics such as:

  • Education and training of civil servants
  • Project and program evaluation
  • Monitoring on the implementation of the Victims and Land Restitution Law
  • Execution of projects with a differential focus
  • Conceptual, normative and diagnostic developments of the current peace process
  • Project structuring of Human Rights and Transitional Justice

From a public function perspective: HINABU CONSULTORES experts have held public office positions, where they have participated in designing and implementing public policy and programs that include:

  • Inter-institutional coordination in the execution of Law 975 of 2005 and Law 1448 of 2011
  • Land Restitution Policy
  • Inter-institutional Model of Attention for Victims
  • Public policies with differential focus