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HINABU CONSULTORES delivers a wide-range of services related to Human Rights protection and Transitional Justice.


  • Dynamics and challenges of the Colombian armed conflict
  • Gender and woman
  • Human Rights today
  • Monitoring on recommendations by the United Nations
  • Displacement, land restitution and rural development
  • Development and peace
  • Differential focuses
  • Collective Rights
  • Transitional Justice Theory
  • Transitional Justice in Colombia
  • International Humanitarian Rights Law
  • Prior consultation


  • Evaluation, structuring, and project execution.
  • Context studies execution
  • Truth and Memory initiatives development
  • Justice, Restitution, and Integral Reparations proposal structuring
  • Local authorities strengthening
  • Public policy creation and assessment
  • Local and regional developmental plan formulation
  • Consultancy on Human Rights, and International Humanitarian Law project structuring


  • HINABU CONSULTORES' work is tailored to fit each of its client’s needs, with highly configurable modules.
  • Trainings and consultancies can be conducted in English or Spanish.
  • HINABU CONSULTORES has the logistical capabilities to coordinate large and small workshops and events, travel to different venues, and or provide space and equipment required for the development of any of the requested activities.
  • HINABU CONSULTORES will be responsible for event advertising, marketing and invitation call, as well as with the production of printed materials for event participants.
  • HINABU CONSULTORES has an extensive network of contacts that allows our team to fully understand the different positions concerning priority issues on the national agenda, and the ability to share that first-hand information.
  • HINABU CONSULTORES is equipped to support its clients, in order to facilitate the adaptation of their strategies to the Colombian context.

Complementary Services:

HINABU CONSULTORES has the ability to provide its clients with assistance in the design, organization and promotion of events, workshops, seminars, and conferences on Human Rights and Transitional Justice.

  • Design and coordination of academic events and trainings at the national level
  • Logistics services: Transportation, classrooms and/or office space, amenities and office supplies
  • Marketing services: Promotion, announcements, and invitations
  • Academic support: creation of support documents and audiovisual aids